Are you spending valuable time checking calculations for how many gallons of Growth Products you need or the nutrients applied? How many times do you ask yourself “What is it going to cost me”? Is record keeping taking up your valuable time? WatchDog is your organizational tool to keep easy-to-read records of the amount of nutrients you use down to the ounce. Consider WatchDog your Border Collie with an important job of organizing, sorting and saving important information. Sit down, log on and let WatchDog instantly create a cost competitive liquid nutrition program for you! Get over your “cost” hurdle fast – AND let WatchDog quickly fetch valuable nutrient management records!

WatchDog makes record-keeping a breeze with easy-to-read forms.
• Perfect print-out for the spray technician!
• Perfect record to for your next budget committee meeting.
• View monthly or yearly programs for budgeting purposes.
• Prevent over-application of nutrients.
• Make sure your turfgrass or crops are getting adequate nutrition for healthy growth.
• Instantly total your gallonage for the entire growing season to $ave.

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