Weathermatic buys out Ecologic

Dallas, TX-Weathermatic has reported the acquisition of Ecologic, developer of the RainBrain line of rain and rain/freeze sensors. The announcement was made by Mike Mason, president of Weathermatic. Ecologic’s manufacturing operations will move into the Weathermatic production facility in Dallas. Ecologic founder Dave Klever will oversee the transition. “Our acquisition of Ecologic further strengthens the Weathermatic line of water conservation products,” said Mason. “Weathermatic is the only irrigation manufacturer with the technology to produce a completely integrated system of ‘smart’ irrigation products. “These include Weathermatic’s SmartLine series of weather-based controllers, SmartWire two-wire decoder systems, low volume irrigation and now a full line of weather sensors,” he said. Weathermatic recently acquired Salco, a well-known manufacturer of low volume irrigation equipment for residential, commercial and municipal installations. “In the coming years, water conservation products will become a major segment of the irrigation industry and Weathermatic is positioned to take full advantage of this market-driven growth,” said Mason. “As communities across the country mandate weather-based ‘smart’ irrigation control systems and rain shut-off devices, and continue to offer rebates for these upgrades, Weathermatic will be one of the few companies that comprehensively serves these water-conscious markets,” he said. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that landscape irrigation systems in the South and Southwest currently account for 70 percent of outdoor water use. Industry studies have also concluded that more than half of landscape irrigation is wasted due to over-watering, improper scheduling, run off and inefficient sprinklers. Weathermatic has manufactured landscape irrigation equipment since the 1940s and was the first company to introduce a rain sensor in the 1970s. Ecologic’s Klever has developed sensor products for the irrigation industry for more than 20 years. Prior to founding Ecologic, he designed rain sensors for Glen-Hilton Products, originator of the Mini-Clik, one of the most popular rain sensors in the industry. Financial details of the asset purchase were not provided. Weathermatic has been instrumental in introducing innovative water-saving technologies to the landscape industry. The company’s SmartLine series of weather-based controllers won “Best New Product of the Year” awards from professional associations and SmartLine controllers have been featured in controller exchange programs throughout the West. Weathematic SmartLine controllers, rotors, sprays and valves are sold in 60 countries worldwide.