Weathermatic SmartLink Water Restrictions Management

Unprecedented water restrictions in the U.S. are adding to the complexity and cost of managing landscape irrigation. Property owners hope to avoid compliance fines while keeping their landscape healthy. Landscape contractors are challenged to keep up with the changing restrictions in different geographies. To address this urgent need, Weathermatic launched SmartLink Water Restrictions Management, a simple set of tools that help users simply track and manage water restrictions in the Cloud-connected SmartLine controller.

  • View water restriction updates in your SmartLink Sites page so you can quickly reprogram the controller remotely.
  • Use the Water Restrictions Compliance Check to let SmartLink show you if your controller programming is in compliance.
  • Omit days of the week, times of day and up to 15 different dates according to your current restrictions.
  • Demonstrate water restriction compliance to property owners in rich, web-based reports.