"Grow or DIE! No Business Remains Static," is the title of several exclusive 60 minute Webinars being offered free by The Growth Coach for business owners and managers of construction and maintenance companies.

Webinar to share success secrets to growing your business

“Grow or DIE! No Business Remains Static,” is the title of several exclusive 60 minute Webinars being offered free by The Growth Coach for business owners and managers of construction and maintenance companies.

You must either multiply sales to increase profits in your privately held or family-owned company –progress or your company will regress. It will never stay constant.

If your goal is to grow your company by double, maybe double again over the next few years … or 15% per year, which means you are doubling every 5 years … you probably need a better strategy and a more powerful selling/marketing approach along with (frequently) a better business model.

And, if the approach you’re following isn’t delivering the long-term growth and profitability you’re after, you need something (or someone) who can provide the breakthrough thinking you’re after.

Success business coach, Jonathan Goldhill, The Growth Coach, will offer you several of his proven sales and profit enhancing strategies and methods for free in these September Webinars. Jonathan has a 20 year, success track record of coaching small business owners in how to drive more success in their businesses in over 375 separate industries.

He’s done it by taking high impact, success approaches from one industry and applying them in fresh, new ways to other industries.

He would like to offer you some of his high impact, high leverage ways to grow your company – through his free Webinars in September and paid Webinar series for contractors that start in October and run through March 2011.

It’s Jonathan’s way of investing, first, in you today in hope of starting a more direct relationship with your company in the near future.

If his ideas help you take a giant step forward, you’ll break out from all the competition you market and sell against. Bottom line: Your sales could multiply dramatically, while profits increase, even more.

“I put this Webinar program together to guide contractors who have been in business for 5, 10 or 20 or more years and have achieved a level of success, but feel a little stuck and want to take their business to the next level of success,” said Jonathan Goldhill, The Growth Coach in Los Angeles. “Many owners and managers of companies who employ 5 to 500 people are working a lot more hours “IN” their business to accomplish what they did in years past. But how many of them are taking time out to work “ON” their business? If you want to make more money and be more successful, then you need to spend more time working on your business. And, that means taking time out to get the needed training in how to become a smarter and thus, more effective, business owner/manager.”

“Too many business owners are isolated, and therefore, making decisions alone or in a vacuum. What The Growth Coach does for landscapers is organize a peer group to whom we provide mentoring/coaching that helps owners and managers break through the isolation and obstacles that hold them back. “Most people don’t know what they don’t know and can’t see what others see,” says Goldhill. By helping people face reality about their current business and providing them with proven sales and marketing systems along with proven approaches to building a better team, The Growth Coach is helping its clients have their best years ever.

What separates great companies that prosper from those that just stay afloat? Successful companies enlist the support of others. They realize that they can go it alone and tough it out and learn from their mistakes, or they could get some quality assistance and advice – shaving time off their learning curve and achieving their goals faster. Get help. Dig yourself out of the trenches of your business and put the systems in place you need to regain your free time and prosper even during difficult times.

Jonathan Goldhill, The Growth Coach, provides “Coaching for Growing Companies.” Jonathan Goldhill has coached more than 60 landscape companies with his success strategies, has owned several small businesses and has 20 years experience coaching, consulting, training & financing businesses in over 375 different industries. Learn more about his coaching programs and register for the Webinar at www.TheGrowthCoachLA.com.