After thoroughly saturating the Canadian market, Weed Man, a Canadian lawn care provider, has now set its sights on new turf – sprouting up around America with 355 existing territories (118 in Canada and 233 in the United States) and aggressive plans to open 600 additional territories in the next 10 years.

By bringing its strategies and environmentally responsible fertilization, weed control and integrated pest management services to the United States, Weed Man will mimic its popularity among both consumers and franchisees.

The franchise has area representatives in place throughout the country who are aggressively expanding the franchise opportunity and challenging longtime existing lawn care services.

Weed Man is dedicated to supporting its franchisees and upholding its core values – servicing the customer. Franchisees have someone backing up the brand every step of the way who have years of experience at the employee, franchisee and corporate levels. And these seasoned industry veterans use research to back up every decision. Their proven “Business Planning Blueprint” provides a step-by-step, day-by-day guide for franchisees that leads to success in the first year.

“Our fundamental purpose is to provide superior, professional lawn care services in a consistent, responsible and profitable manner,” said Roger Mongeon, CEO of Turf Holdings, Inc., which handles Weed Man’s U.S. operations.

Not only is Weed Man a partner in the Environmental Protection Agency’s Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program, but its lawn care services help create a greener, healthier world. A healthy lawn generates oxygen, removes carbon dioxide and ozone from the air, reduces noise and temperatures, filters out ground water pollutants, increases property values, and reduces the vulnerability of homes to infestations and disease carried by insects and rodents.

At Weed Man, everything is measured, leading to marketing plans that are data-driven and deliver results. The proven marketing system helps franchisees maintain 80 percent of their clients in this “renewable” business.

Because Weed Man is a service-based business, franchisees can operate their business from their home office. Weed Man provides a turnkey approach to franchising that also includes training, making previous lawn care experience unnecessary.

“Our vision is to be recognized as the foremost provider of lawn care, with a reputation for reliability, service excellence and responsible environmental management. We are committed to provide employees with recognition and opportunities while ensuring value to our stakeholders,” Mongeon said.