Wright Manufacturing will unveil a new, compact Stander at GIE+EXPO 2013. The Stander Intensity, to be known as the Stander I, is equipped with the first 36-inch deck to incorporate Wright’s AERO CORE technology. Operators will appreciate the deck’s improved airflow, cut quality and anti-blow out features. The floating deck on the Stander I tilts side to side and front to back, allowing the mower deck to better follow the terrain contours. It also improves the weight distribution for better handling on hills. This flotation feature is similar to that found on the Stander X and ZK.

The rugged Stander I is also built for operator comfort. The floating standing platform absorbs rough terrain through elastopolymer bumpers that provide a dampened feel similar to a car. The bumpers are progressive to accommodate various weight operators. The control panel looks like the Stander X panel. Its wide stance provides greater control, and its forward slant makes the controls more ergonomic.

For contractors who want the Stander I’s great handling features but need a larger deck, the new mower will be available with a 48- or 52-inch deck, as well as the 36-inch deck. Engines range from 18.5 to 22 hp.

Test drive the Stander Intensity at Wright’s outdoor booth #7624-D at GIE+EXPO or examine it in the comfort of the exhibit hall at booth #3094.