YARDMAX marks U.S. brand launch at 2016 National Hardware Show

YARDMAX, a new, innovative brand offering highly engineered outdoor power equipment (OPE), introduced its full line of OPE products at the National Hardware Show, May 4-6, 2016, in Las Vegas. The YARDMAX line, which includes a full range of log splitters, snow blowers, chipper shredders, plate compactors, concrete mixers, a power wheelbarrow and a power sweeper, is developed for savvy homeowners and DIYers seeking the highest-quality equipment at the most competitive price.

Driven to differentiate itself in today’s competitive market, YARDMAX products feature design enhancements — such as safety shields, pre-assembled motors, advanced hydraulics and easy assembly — as standard. While most competitors position these design features as add-ons for an additional charge, YARDMAX is focused on delivering the highest-quality user experience and performance at the best price. Additionally, YARDMAX refuses to compromise quality or durability — choosing to use metal parts instead of plastic whenever possible. Backed by decades of manufacturing experience and world-class customer service, YARDMAX aims to provide consumers with the right equipment to get the job done right, at an affordable price, time and again.

“We are thrilled to offer our line of high-performance outdoor power equipment to consumers,” said Shad Shafer, YARDMAX vice president. “With a focus on overall user experience, we are dedicated to supporting those that seek the ideal balance of performance and practicality. We include design features as standard, helping homeowners work smarter — not harder — at no additional cost.”

The backbone of YARDMAX’s impressive product selection, performance and value is its tremendous level of support. With quality assurance that starts during production and continues with in-stock, readily available replacement parts express-shipped if necessary, maintenance is minimized throughout the extended lifespan of this equipment. And with a U.S. service team committed to 100-percent customer satisfaction, YARDMAX is prepared to build a reputation synonymous with quality.

“We have built this company from the ground up, optimizing our supply chain, production, merchandising and fulfillment operations to be able to offer highly competitive pricing on quality equipment that every homeowner should have the opportunity to own,” said Shafer. “And we back it up with the support every customer deserves.”

Standing behind its products, YARDMAX offers a two-year residential warranty on all equipment; a 3-2-1 warranty for gas log splitters that includes materials and workmanship for three years, motors for two years and hydraulic parts for one year; and a 90-day commercial warranty.

YARDMAX is not only supporting homeowners and DIYers; it’s also committed to supporting retailers with a tremendous level of sales, marketing and customer support. With favorable real-world testing, an abundance of collateral and resources, and drop shipment of replacement parts, YARDMAX is positioned to exceed industry expectations and become a valuable partner to retailers.


Gas log splitters — When it’s time to go cordless and handle more intense logs, both the full and slightly more compact half-beam models offer four different tonnage options to help get the job done. With features including longer log trays and tables, as well as stroke limiters, these heavy-duty splitters are remarkably easy to assemble, maneuver, and tow. Both models include a patented log spinner foot plate that easily rotates logs for splitting — reducing stress on the patent-pending U beam design — while oversized hydraulics provide the shortest cycle times in this class. The half-beam model even offers one-person assembly and the ability to safely split from either side of the machine.

Electric log splitters — These clean-running, five-ton splitters tackle basic log-splitting applications with efficiency. With a stand, log tray and stroke limiter included, they’re ideal for operating in a garage in the winter, making quick work of logs, easily turning them into stacks of fire wood.

Single-stage snow thrower — Ideal for basic snow removal, this compact snow thrower conveniently cuts through snow up to 11 inches deep, with a snow clearing width of 18 inches. Lightweight and easy to maneuver, the self-propelled, rubber-edged augers pull the unit forward while clearing down to the pavement. The on-chute handle smoothly rotates the chute 180 degrees to easily distribute snow from one side to the other, while the adjustable deflector locks into the desired angle to direct the snow plume. A fold-down handle and chute make storage and transport simple.

Two-stage snow blowers — Available in three different snow clearing widths, these heavy-duty snow blowers tackle intense applications — easily able to cut through snow in excess of one foot or more. Using a self-propelled drive with multiple speeds, the serrated steel augers and axe-shaped housing efficiently slice through hard-packed snow and ice. Meanwhile, the high-speed impeller consumes more snow and the extended metal chute maintains a tighter discharge, limiting snow blowback. The standard pin-lock axle offers two options: a two-wheel drive for increased traction or a one-wheel drive for greater maneuverability.

YARDMAX products will be available for purchase in July 2016.

National Hardware Show attendees can see the new YARDMAX equipment firsthand at booth #12575. For more information about YARDMAX, visit www.yardmax.com.