Doug York, president of the Irrigation Association (IA) and Stephen Smith, IA president-elect, outlined the IA’s strategic plan during the general session at the 2008 Irrigation Show in Anaheim, Nov. 3.

The IA’s message was threefold:

Vision: Be the recognized authority on irrigation.
Mission: Promote efficient irrigation.
Unifying Statement: Ensure water is available for irrigation for future generations.

“We must fight misrepresentation,” said York. “If we are going to save water, we have to be smart. We’ve made great strides with our strategic plan.”

York and Smith also detailed the IA’s initiatives in four areas:

Education/Certification: Increase the recognized value of IA and IAEF educational programs and demand for IA-certified professionals.
Government/Public Affairs: Influence policy to increase the demand for efficient irrigation.
Resources: Grow IA resources and competencies to support strategic initiatives.
Marketing/Communications: Improve the clarity and delivery of internal and external IA messages.

“We have a great plan in place and great people,” said York. “We want to make the IA the most recognized name in irrigation.”