Youngstown Anti-Vibe XT glove

Youngstown Glove Company introduced the Anti-Vibe XT glove, created for wearers who experience constant vibration or repetitive motions. Ideal for use of outdoor power equipment, the glove minimizes shock and vibration all while lending a durable and dexterous grip.

“Too many Americans lose jobs because they don’t take care of themselves while they are working,” said Max Hackett, VP of sales and marketing for Youngstown Glove Company. “The short and long-term benefits of the Anti-Vibe XT glove make having them a must-have option in your tool box.”

Part of the company’s XT series, built extra tough and with extra protection for the most rugged of tasks, the Youngstown Anti-Vibe XT glove is laden with a number of  technologically-driven features making it one of safest and highest-quality gloves available on the market. Key to its anti-vibration design is strategically placed 5.0 mm memory foam. Chosen by Youngstown glove designers because of its lightweight properties, memory foam has a number of advantages over other materials such as gels which tend to move and get displaced when in use. In addition to dampening vibration and absorbing shock so your hands and arms don’t have to, the foam allows for a streamlined and non-cumbersome glove design.

A 360-degree wrist wrap completely encircles the wrist lending unparalleled support relieving tension throughout the forearm, elbow and shoulder. The design has also been proven to protect against long-term issues such as carpel tunnel syndrome. Perhaps most importantly, the wrist wrap gives the wearer reinforced strength throughout the work day.

While the Youngstown Anti-Vibe XT glove was primarily created to reduce tension and arm fatigue when using pneumatic or vibrating tools, rest assured safety, comfort and durability were not neglected in its design. Functionality and practicality rule when it comes to the Anti-Vibe XT glove which has raised double knuckle protection on the top of the hand offering defense from nicks and scrapes. Washable and soft directional performance fabrics work to wick heat and sweat away keeping hands cool and comfortable.

The Youngstown Anti-Vibe XT glove also features a one-piece saddle made of non-slip reinforcement and is armed with additional non-slip reinforcement in critical wear areas extending the life of the glove and lending a tighter grip. A terry cloth brow on the thumb allows the wearer to comfortably wipe away sweat and debris.

Built to last, its synthetic suede base layer is both water and oil resistant. A double-stitched bonded nylon thread sewn throughout the glove gives it greater durability making the Youngstown Anti-Vibe XT glove an ideal addition to your everyday shop and garage life.

The Youngstown Anti-Vibe XT glove is available in sizes small through XX large.