Zipper introduces propane-powered professional walk mower

Zipper Mowers has partnered with EnviroGard to introduce the first-ever 21-inch, environmentally friendly, propane-powered, industrial walk mower. These mowers are industrial grade, featuring cast-aluminum decks with superior cutting and bagging capabilities. They are powered by clean-burning, American-made propane gas. Propane reduces emissions, fuel costs and maintenance while providing long run time with less downtime, boosting overall productivity.

“We are extremely proud to be introducing the first 21-inch propane-powered lawn mower designed specifically for the professional market,” said Deven Hurst, VP of sales for Zipper Mowers. “This machine is the missing link that enables a landscape contractor to go totally propane with their mowers. Zipper has a complete line of propane-driven mowers, ranging in size from 21-inch to 74-inch cutting widths.”

Zipper has partnered with EnviroGard to develop the propane engines and fuel systems powering these mowers. “These propane-driven EnviroGard engines deliver all the power, performance and fuel economy as their gasoline counterparts while significantly reducing harmful emissions,” said Jeremy Hahne, general manager of EnviroGard, “In addition to being environmentally friendly, propane gas is also cost effective, domestically produced, and never goes bad.”

Zipper Mowers