Zurn Wilkins releases new backflow preventer in select territories

Zurn Industries, LLC announced the 400ST Stainless Steel n-Pattern Series as the latest addition within its proven Zurn Wilkins backflow preventer portfolio. Designed with a stainless steel body and smaller footprint, the 400ST Stainless Steel n-Pattern Series withstands the corrosive effects of water and allows for direct drop-in replacement for installed failing units.

Replacements do not require re-piping or additional materials. The 400ST Stainless Steel n-Pattern Series offers a patented AR spool for replacements of the Zurn Wilkins 400 Ductile Iron n-Pattern Series. The new release uses the same internal components as the 300 and 400 Ductile Iron n-Pattern Series that have been field tested and verified over the past eighteen years.

“We’re all about solving smarter – not just for the building owner or the end user – but also for the contractor who has a job to do,” said Rick Fields, product manager for water safety at Zurn. “With its reduced footprint and unrivaled features, the 400ST Series delivers turnkey installation or drop-in replacement. Its advanced backflow setter eliminates the concrete thrust blocks and all of the headaches and costs that accompany them. It truly is easy for contractors and safe for those who use it.”

The 400ST Stainless Steel n-Pattern Series is available now in ASSE territories or in selected USC territories with conditional approval. USC extensive lab testing is complete and products currently installed are undergoing field evaluation.